Guy Georges: the Eastern Paris killer

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing okay ! Today, I’m going to tell you the story of the man who terrified Paris for 7 years. Ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, I present to you Guy Georges !

Guy Georges

Guy Georges Rampillon was born on October 15th, 1962 in Vitry-le-François, in the Marne region. His mother, Hélène Rampillon, was a 25-year-old barmaid, and his father George Cartwright, was an African-American soldier. Their love story was very cute, until 15 days before Guy’s birth. On that day, George told Hélène that he had a wife and children in the US, and that he was going back to them.

Hélène ended up giving birth alone, and pretty much hated Guy as soon as he came out. She gave him up as soon as she could, first leaving them with nannies (who she didn’t pay), and to child services after that. Guy was barely unpacking his bag at the orphanage when she hopped on a plane and emigrated to the United States to marry another black soldier.

Once officially in foster care, Guy’s name is changed: goodbye Guy Georges Rampillon, hello Guy Georges.

Since nobody at that time wanted to adopt a black child, Guy was placed with a foster family, in the Maine-et-Loire region, where he was the only black child around.

During his childhood, Guy is described as a nice kid, always wanting to help. However, he was in dire need of affection because his foster parents were too busy with the 14 other kids living in the house. So he kept himself busy by tracking and hunting small animals. Witnesses say that he was capable of sitting still for several hours at a time, just observing his prey.

Regarding school, Guy was a smart but lazy student who could fight and steal as if it was in his blood. His behavior worsened when he reached puberty.

At 14, he tries to strangle one of his foster sisters, and tries again with another one the following year. His foster parents react by placing him in a center for difficult children during the week, and making him sleep in a camping car in the garden during the weekend.

These measures don’t solve the problem, and Guy continues to go downhill. He ends up being expelled from high school for stealing, and runs away often a lot, discovering alcohol and drugs on the streets.

At 17, Guy starts attacking and robbing women at random, using a knife to severely scar the face of one of them. For this last aggression, Guy is sentenced to 9 months in juvenile detention. He’s released in February 1981 and placed in a center for young adults in difficulty near the city of Angers. 6 months later, he steals the money in the center’s safe and runs away to Paris.

Once he is in the capital, he finds a friend willing to let him crash on their couch, and starts studying to be a chef. Everyday, as soon as he is done with work, he steals cars and motorbikes. But that’s not enough for him.

On November 16th, 1981, he rapes and stabs Natalie L. even though he knows that she is pregnant. Thankfully, both Natalie and her baby survive. 3 months later, Guy is sent back to prison for car theft. However, he is allowed to be out during the day and only has to go back to the prison in the evening. In France, this is called the half-liberty, and it’s because of it that in 1982, Guy manages to stab and rape Violette K. in a parking lot. This time, the security guard hears Violette’s cry for help and comes to help. He unleashes his dog on Guy, who runs away, leaving a paper from the prison with his name on it behind. He is found soon after, and is sentenced to 18 additional months.

Sadly, he manages to regain his half-liberty privileges, and on February 27th, 1984, he assaults Pascale N. in her own car. She manages to escape, and Guy is caught and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Since he has a lot of free time in prison (which is ironic), Guy starts doing research to find where his biological mom is, and ends up meeting his maternal grandparents, who reveal to him that he actually has a big brother that Hélène took with her when she emigrated to the United States. He is very hurt by this information, since that means that his mother truly left him behind on purpose, and his mental state goes further downhill.

In January 1991, Guy is transferred to the Caen prison, and gets half-liberty AGAIN. This time, he decides that he’s done with prison, and returns to Paris, where he picks his addictions back up, and becomes a sex worker to survive.

On January 24th, 1991, he follows 19-year-old Pascale Escarfail to her home, and once he’s on her doorstep he shows her his knife and makes her open her door. He then rapes her several times before slitting her throat. Adding insult to injury, he then cleans up in her bathroom, takes a beer in her fridge and drinks it in her kitchen before leaving. A few days later, he goes back to the Caen prison like nothing happened. No punishment is given, and he is freed on April 4h.

On April 22nd, Guy is taking a walk after a party when he sees Eleonore P. walking home. He follows her, but she notices him, and stares at him once they reach her building. Guy then pretends to be heading somewhere and walks past her. However, as soon as Eleonore opens the door, he turns back and catches the door before it closes. He attacks Eleonore and demands money, but Eleonore doesn’t have any, so he demands a blowjob. She refuses and starts screaming, so Guy runs away. Thankfully, he gets caught by police and is serves two years in prison, with a three year suspended sentence.

On January 13th, 1994, around 3am, Guy is talking a walk when he crosses paths with Annie and decides to follow her. When she enters her apartment building, he slithers himself behind her, but she notices him when they get to the second locked door. Guy then lies and says that he lives there but forgot the door code. As soon as Annie opens the door, he attacks her and starts raping her, but things don’t go according to plan for Guy. Annie manages to push him off and go up the stairs screaming as loud as possible, so he has to run. Sadly, by the time the police arrive on the scene, Guy is already back in his squat.

For 9 months after that, Guy Keeps a low profile. He finds himself a girlfriend, Sandrine, and a job. The couple lives in a squat in the 14th district of Paris, and host frequent parties, where Guy is the « guy who always keeps his cool ». However, these good days (if we can call them that) don’t last long.

Sandrine ends up pregnant, and has an abortion while Guy wanted to keep the baby. This drives a wedge into their relationship.

On November 8th, 1994, Guy rapes and kills 22-year-old Elsa Benady in her own car. Her body is discovered the following day.

A month later, on December 9th, Guy follows Agnès Nijkamp home, and does so so discreetly that Agnès slams the door of her apartment in his face without realizing it. However, she is only safe for a couple of minutes, and opens the door to go see a friend, inadvertently giving Guy another chance to attack. Agnès’ friend discovers her dead body the same evening, only a couple of minutes after Guy left.

Not long after this murder, Guy and his girlfriend Sandrine have to leave their squat, and crash from couch to couch before separating in 1995.

Guy rapidly finds another squat in the Halles neighborhood, and survives by stealing and selling drugs, along with sex work. He also finds himself a political thirst for justice, and preaches anarchy to everyone who listens.

On June 15th, 1995, Guy sees Elisabeth O. while he takes a walk at night. He follows her, and when she opens her apartment door he pushes her inside. He doesn’t attack right away this time, instead he tells her that he is on the run and will be simply spending the night at their place (because why not, I guess). Elisabeth remains calm, so much so that they end up chatting and smoking cigarettes together. After a while, Guy tells her that he has to tie her up, just in case. Elisabeth doesn’t resist, but as soon as Guy leaves her alone, she manages to free herself and jumps out her window (she’s on the second floor). She then runs to a bar near her apartment, and when the police arrive, Guy has left. However, he has left DNA on the cigarette butts.

On July 8th, Guy crosses paths with Hélène Frinking, who is walking home from a bachelorette party. Her body is found the next day.

On August 25th, Guy follows Melanie B. home, but when she opens her apartment door, her boyfriend comes to greet her, which makes Guy run away like the little bitch he is deep down. He drops his wallet (with his ID inside) on the way, which allows him to be arrested 5 days later when he enter a police precinct to report the loss. He ends up serving 21 months in jail for this assault.

Once he is released in 1997, he tells his friends that he was jailed because he stabbed a racist bouncer in front of a nightclub. And they believe him, for some reason. Guy also start writing songs, and keeps them in a folder on which he wrote « Joe the Killer ». How poetic…

On July 2nd, 1997, Guy tries to attack Estelle F. in her apartment building, but she screams so he runs. He doesn’t attack anyone else during this summer.

In September 23rd, as the sun was setting, Guy decided to follow 19-year-old Magali Sirotti. Her fiance is the one who discovers her body.

On October 28th, Guy follows Valérie L. home, but when she hears his steps behind her, she pulls her key out of her apartment door, collapses in a fetal position and starts screaming, which makes Guy run away.

Guy’s last victim is Estelle Magd, who he follows home on November 14th, 1997. Her parents discover her body two days.

As you can guess, everybody is terrified by who the media dubbed « the Eastern Paris killer », and the police have trouble solving the case, mainly because at that time comparing DNA samples from different crime scenes was prohibited (don’t ask me why, because I don’t know). Thankfully, judge Gilbert Thiel finally authorizes these types of comparisons for this case, but even after that most laboratories refuse to do the analyses.

On March 23rd, 1998, a lab finally gives a name: Guy Georges. Guy, at last, is arrested on the 26.

When he learns that the investigators know all about the murders, he faints, and in the interrogation room he has trouble talking. He still manages to confess to everything after a while, and even agrees that he should never be let out again.

Guy Georges’ trial starts on 19th, 2001. As soon as the court doors open, Guy starts acting like a douche, laughing and smiling for the cameras. It’s only when he is confronted to Elisabeth O. that he starts crying and saying he had ruined his life. Nobody cares, and he is sentenced to 22 to life. He is somehow eligible for parole today, but nobody in their right mind wants him to be released, so he will most likely die in prison.

That’s it for today ! Tell me what you think about this case in the comments or on r/Murder_Wine_Cheese, and if you want to make a suggestion or a donation, everything is on the English homepage. Have a nice day, I’ll see you in the next article !

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